SF9 Makes A Lethal Mix Of Mesmerizing Music In 8th Mini-Album “9loryUS”


SF9 makes us want to dance with their lethal mix of mesmerizing music in their latest mini-album.

SF9 showed their rich musicality once again in their eighth mini-album titled 9loryUS, which was released on July 6 at 6 PM KST. This riveting new record from the group was led by a captivating track titled “Summer Breeze”, whose charms will leave listeners hooked no matter what season it is.


Comeback Countdown Timeline

Making fans brace themselves for sizzling new music, SF9 revealed a mind-boggling prologue video on June 21. Through this, they announced the title of their eighth mini-album as 9loryUS as well as its July 6 release date.

On June 22, they then surprised fans with a title poster for the mini-album’s lead track “Summer Breeze” which exhibited a completely different vibe from the previously-revealed teaser clip. Compared to the dark and intriguing mood from the film, the poster showed a light and refreshing atmosphere matching the summer season.

The group then set their comeback timeline on June 23 with a schedule poster to help fans mark down important dates on their calendars.

On June 24, SF9’s members then banded together to star in two stunning sets of group teaser photos for 9loryUS.

Afterwards, sets of solo snapshots for each member were revealed per day, with Youngbin, Inseong, and Jaeyoon beginning the list on June 25. Dawon, Rowoon, and Zuho then followed up with their sets on the next day, while Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani brought a flawless finish to the image sets on June 27.

On June 30, the group previewed the mafia-themed music video they prepared for “Summer Breeze” through a thrilling teaser that kept fans on the edges of their seats.

SF9 then revealed their tracklist and highlight medley for 9loryUS at the same time on July 2, making fans further anticipate the musical masterpieces that they prepared.


Lastly, the second music video teaser for “Summer Breeze” was unveiled on July 3—elevating excitement for the advanced release of SF9’s comeback music video on the midnight of July 6.

9loryUS First Impression

Marking SF9’s eighth mini-album, 9loryUS contained a rich lineup of music with the total of six songs it featured.

Headlining the mini-album, “Summer Breeze” had a rich and sensuous sound emphasized by the sultry singing and rapping of the SF9 members. Its chorus also leaves listeners hooked, especially the utterly catchy last line “The summer fragrance makes me dance”.

Meanwhile, “Into The Night” gave us total “One Love” vibes which made our hearts flutter so much. Its light and calming instrumentals also captured our hearts and gave an overall sweet atmosphere for the song.

“OK, OK” wouldn’t get out of our heads upon listening to “OK Sign” afterward. The breathy vocals of SF9 was such a delight to listen to, and the whispering parts were definitely more than “great”.

Meanwhile, “All Day All Night” has a very funky vibe that fits the summer season so well. Aside from being a catchy track that will surely make you get up and dance, it is also perfect for chill listening.

“Go High” is a song that we’re looking forward to hearing on concerts because of the electrifying rhythm that it contains. This song is perfect not just to dance, but also jump, along to. Hats off to Zuho for producing a track that fills listeners with so much excitement.

Of course, SF9 won’t let 9loryUS end without a bang. After singing high-energy songs and providing new summer anthems, the group then makes fans shed tears with the mini-album’s last track “My Story, My Song”.

This sentimental song holds a sweet promise to fans that the boys will continue to be here and together with them “even if a couple of years pass”. The dulcet vocals of the SF9 members also made it more heartwarming and comforting to listen to.

“Summer Breeze” MV Afterthoughts

Released ahead of the mini-album itself, the seemingly mafia-themed music video for “Summer Breeze” made fans’ hearts race on the midnight of July 6.

Right from the whistled melody on its intro, “Summer Breeze” gave a very James Bond film-like feeling. Just like an action movie, the music video kept fans on the edges of their seats as explosions after explosions were showcased in the clip.

SF9 also didn’t hold back on showcasing luxury as they splurged on displays of convertibles, expensive motorbikes, guns, and high-end bars throughout the video. The group also lived up to their “sensuous” side with the captivating choreography emphasized on the chorus as they danced in front of the neon-lit “The Glorious Hotel” sign.

While it initially hinted at the members betraying each other with their guns prepared around each other, the plot twist in the video revealed that they were actually trying to shoot the darkness to let the light in.

Additionally, this concept contrast was subtly hinted at in the members’ outfits—an attention to detail which we totally admired. While some were donning eye-catching printed long-sleeves, members like Jaeyoon and Rowoon were out there making our hearts pound with their sleek and polished suits.

Towards the end, all members also donned light-coloured outfits which reflected the aesthetics of the summer season—and the opposite of the dark and moody atmosphere from the earlier part of the music video.

Photos and videos from FNC Entertainment

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