SF9’s Chaotic “Summer Breeze” Relay Dance Video Has Fans Divided In A Heated Debate


On July 12, YouTube‘s M2 shared SF9‘s relay dance video to their new bop “Summer Breeze”.

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As relay dances go for most K-Pop idol groups, SF9 also boasted some immaculately synchronized parts that enchanted the fans.

Other parts, though, in which SF9 members seemed to be “goofing around”…

… sparked a heated debate online. While some fans believed the members were being playful, as the group’s personality is known to be…

… others believed the members were being reluctant, lazy, and disappointing.

  • “I’m a fan, but I’m baffled by how very disappointing this relay dance is… There are some members who are putting in the effort. But Dawon is catching my eye, not in a good way. I hope they can do better than this. T-T”
  • “I see some fans are saying that they’re having fun and this is how all relay dances are… No, this is not fun to watch. Go check out SEVENTEEN‘s relay dances. They put in the full effort while having fun. This is straight up unpleasant to watch. Nothing is funny about this. From the beginning to the end, I kept asking if this is for real.”

Between fans claiming that this relay dance captures the true “stereotype-breaking”, fun and “chaotic” spirit of SF9…

… and the ones claiming that this relay dance would ultimately lead non-SF9 fans to misunderstand the group as being far less talented…

  • “I’m not going to lie, this is the most reluctant relay dance video I’ve seen. There are like two members who are putting in the effort, but the rest are… And I know they take relay dances multiple times. So this video has to be the best version of many. That’s disappointing. I’m not here to criticize for the sake of criticizing. I’m a fan and I’m actively discouraged. Fans always look forward to these relay dances. So what happened?”
  • “I’m pretty sure relay dances have multiple takes, like if the members mess up, they go again. So… What happened at the shoot that we get a final result like this…? Is the reluctance, blooper-style, laugh-it-off the theme? If so, it failed because it isn’t funny at all. It only looks like they came tremendously unprepared. Seriously…”
  • “I think they could have pushed the relay dance off if they weren’t quite ready to shoot it. It’s not like a relay dance video is so urgent to release. Why do they look so confused? Staring at each other like they have no idea what they’re doing?”

… the debate is intense. Fans have gone as far as discussing the actual purpose of these relay dance videos. Some are arguing that “Relay dances don’t have to be perfectly prepared” and that these videos are more for showing such raw and unfiltered interactions from the idols. Others insist, “Though relay dances may have been so in the beginning, they have evolved and become legitimate content.” According to these fans, relay dances are now “one of the most anticipated contents to attract new viewers” — and so “must be taken seriously, even if sprinkled with humor and silliness.”

Watch the full video here:

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