Stray Kids’ I.N And Bang Chan Were Done Dirty When An App Guessed Their Ages


To kick off Stray Kids‘ return of Finding SKZ, the group competed in several missions centered around their comeback with “God’s Menu”. They earned the titles of different gods, the forth being determined by age.

It wasn’t based on their actual ages. Instead, they had some fun using the popular app that guesses ages just from analyzing their faces. When it came to I.N and Bang Chan, they had everyone cracking up with the way the app did them dirty.

Hyunjin went first, becoming five years older than his twenty-one years: twenty-six. Changbin became seven years younger. He went from twenty-one to fifteen, excited by really being “Baby Changbin.” Like Hyunjin, Han aged forward to twenty-four from twenty-one. When I.N went next, no one could hold in their laughter.

After striking a cute pose, he aged from their twenty-year-old maknae into everyone’s thirty-three-year-old hyung. Clapping while belly-laughing, all of them were certain he’d take the crown for being the oldest. I.N didn’t have to be said for long, though.

Twenty-one-year-olds Felix and Seungmin respectively aged down to sixteen and up to twenty-nine. Thoroughly excited, Lee Know went from twenty-three to nineteen. Although I.N stayed in the lead, Bang Chan soon took the cake.

Preferring not to try out a cute pose, Bang Chan stuck to a relaxed one. The twenty-four-year-old was shook when he received close to double his age: forty-three. Once he spotted the number, he was speechless. Lee Know burst into laughter beside him while Seungmin said, “Wow. He’s a grandfather.”

Everyone laughed even harder than they did for I.N’s age reveal. In fact, I.N seemed the happiest that he no longer was the oldest. Hyunjin couldn’t resist making it funnier, “You can’t fool your age. Our leader was a true elderly.”

Check out the humorous segment of finding out their “true” ages that had them all laughing up a  storm, especially their new hyung I.N and “elderly” leader Bang Chan.

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