Sunggyu Reveals Whether Or Not INFINITE Still Has A Dating Ban After Ten Years


After completing his mandatory military service, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has jumped right back into his idol life. Although he hasn’t yet made a comeback to the stage, he’s been cracking up fans with his appearances on variety shows.

When some of Woollim Entertainment‘s artists appeared on MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners and discussed which groups had a dating ban, Sunggyu’s reaction gave him away.

Since Rocket Punch are rookies who debuted less than a year ago, Sohee made an announcement regarding dating that everyone had been expecting.

She explained, “We just debuted and [are] still a rookie group, so we are banned from dating.” Her seniors Golden Child‘s Jangjun and Lovelyz‘s Mijoo were quick to agree.

Even though Lovelyz debuted back in 2014, over five years ago, nothing had changed on that matter for the group. Mijoo gave a similar response to Sohee’s, “No, it’s still going.” She then passed the spotlight to Jangjun.

Like the humorous guy he is, Jangjun put a creative spin on his answer to the question. With Golden Child three years past their debut, they weren’t given the green light either. Smiling, Jangjun said, “I only have my mom and older sister in my heart.” There was someone who was being a little too quiet, though.

Sunggyu didn’t make a sound as he listened to his juniors talking about their dating bans. He’d been sitting there with his lips pressed tightly together. Noticing his silence, the hosts put the spotlight on him.

After being called out on nodding his head, Sunggyu didn’t get too flustered. To match his juniors, he merely went with the flow. Maintaining the group’s image, Sunggyu made everyone laugh by mirroring their answers, “No, no…I’m still banned from dating too.”

Since Sunggyu has been with the company longer than its top employees and even has private meetings with the CEO to share ideas, it’s safe to say he has a bit more freedom than others.

As for INFINITE’s dating ban, Sunggyu’s answer said one thing while his reactions said it all. Watch him get caught trying to dodge the question here.

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