Sunmi Did The “What’s In My Purse” Challenge – And It’s A Little Unexpected


In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, Sunmi shared everything she carries in her Louis Vuitton bag.

She first shows a massage tool called a “bodygun.”

This helps you relax your muscles at home!

— Sunmi

She also removed a pouch labeled “Goodies” where she keeps her snacks.

From packages of nuts labeled with the days of the week to pieces of chocolate with fortunes written on them, she’s prepared in the snack department.

Brand: Irene Is Good

She also shows an intricately designed handmade mirror.

[My brother’s girlfriend] bought an attached these things one by one. She gave it as a gift saying that it would suit me.

— Sunmi

She then delves into her skincare routine, discussing each of the 4 main steps. She starts with Dr. Jartt Toner.

I think I went through 5 of these already. I cleanse the makeup and use this as the last cleansing process and to smooth my skin.

— Sunmi

She follows that up with a serum by DERMATORY…

…and combines that a hyaluron cube from the same brand.

Lastly, she uses a moisturizer by Dr. Jartt.

It helps soothe the irritated skin. I want to recommend this routine to those who feel dry inside.

— Sunmi

Watch Sunmi’s full explanation of these items in her purse (and more) below!

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