TEEN TOP’s Niel Accidentally Turned His First Vlog Into Unique A VR Experience 


With 180° or 360° content that lets viewers explore things in a new way, VR videos always offer up a pretty amazing experience. And TEEN TOP‘s Niel definitely delivered an awesome (and hilarious) experience with his VR video…although it all happened by complete accident!

| @official_teentop/Instagram

Since opening up his YouTube channel which mainly focuses on gaming, Niel has uploaded all kinds of fun videos. On July 9, however, he surprised fans by dropping his first vlog but this vlog ended up being a surprise in more ways than one.

By complete accident, Niel had uploaded the video in VR mode creating quite the unique vlog experience…

Very unique!

When Niel realized the video was in VR mode, he hilariously commented on the interesting format before promising to upload it again.

Which is exactly what he did after deleting the VR vlog. Not long after deleting it, however, Niel ultimately re-uploaded the VR version thanks to the very positive reaction he received from everyone!

Thank goodness he did too because everyone is loving the hilariously awesome accident!

You’re definitely not going to want to miss the unique VR vlog experience or his regular vlog version so make sure to check them out in full below:

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