That Time BTS’s Jimin Became Invisible To Jin Because Of Jungkook


When Jimin is around, ARMYs can’t take their eyes off him. For his members, who see him (and each other) nearly every day, it’s a different story!

It seems that Jin might be one of the few people on earth who is immune to “The Jimin Effect”, which Urban Dictionary defines as the ability “to trend effortlessly and snatch locals whenever he does something.” Jimin is a born show-stealer and bias-wrecker, but then again, so is Jungkook!

One time, Jin and Jimin sat down to watch a clip of Jungkook on Celebrity Bromance, a show he guested on in 2016. While Jimin was sharing his thoughts, Jin seemed to be listening…

…but he had completely tuned out! Jin quickly apologized to Jimin, explaining that the clip had distracted him.

Rather than scold his hyung, Jimin apologized, making Jin break out in a huge smile.

Unlike Jin, ARMYs have no problem dividing their focus. They’re used to paying attention to all seven members at once and reading subtitles at the same time. Now that’s what you call multi-tasking!

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