The K-Pop Company That’s Been Involved In 2 Massive Scandals In Less Than Two Years


While it’s quite common for K-Pop companies to get involved in scandals, it’s quite rare for a company to get involved in multiple scandals in a short amount of time. However, one company has gotten involved in 2 massive scandals in less than two years.

The company in question is none other than FNC Entertainment. The two scandals have caused the company to take quite a bit of criticism. Here’s a look at the two scandals that’s in question.

1. Choi Jong Hoon & Lee Jonghyun’s scandal

In early 2019. it was revealed that Choi Jong Hoon had been illegally filming videos and capturing photos of several women. He would then share them in a group chat full of other celebrities, one of them being Lee Jonghyun.

These group chat members would also go on trips to various parts of South Korea, where they would go and rape women after getting them drunk. FNC Entertainment originally tried to deny these rumors, but some evidence was later found that the two were involved in the group chat.

2. Former AOA member Jimin bullying Mina


Former AOA member Mina recently revealed in some social media posts that she had been bullied by Jimin during their time together in the group.


Jimin was eventually forced to leave the group due to the scandal. However, it wasn’t just Jimin that Mina called out, as she also called out FNC Entertainment for not doing anything about the bullying.

But if you are a person, don’t achieve yours either. At the end of everything, even in my half-idiot state of not being able to open my eyes properly and stumbling on my words because of taking hundreds of sleeping pills, I told FNC that it was because of Jimin, and yet the company did not listen to what I had to say.

— Mina

FNC Entertainment also faced criticism due to their poor job of “apologizing” to Mina, and for staying relatively quiet throughout the whole scandal.

The company also faced criticism when Chanmi‘s mother, Lim Cheon Suk, revealed how little the company cared about its artists.

On the third day, Chanmi opened up. She said no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to get any higher. She said there is only downhill from where she stands. She wanted to leave the agency. But to quit, she would have to pay back triple the amount of the money that got invested into her career — a couple million dollars. I ran some numbers and saw that if I pulled some strings I would be able to gather around 20K. So I told Chanmi if she really can’t survive another day at the agency, she can quit. I told her I’d take care of the rest. But Chanmi mumbled, “I’ve come too far to do that,” and went back to the agency. Since then, I became anxious and terrified. Their dorm used to be in an apartment on the 9th floor… and I worried that Chanmi would try to throw herself off or something. I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities… For two months, Chanmi didn’t want to look me in the eye or talk to me…

— Lim Cheon Suk

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