The One “Flaw” SM Entertainment Made Red Velvet’s Irene Cover Up Until Now


Red Velvet‘s Irene is one of the top visuals of her generation, and rightfully so. However, fans discovered this one “flaw” that SM Entertainment has been hiding from us! While Irene has previously mentioned her high cheekbones as one of her complexes, SM Entertainment had been focusing on something else entirely.

Ever since debut, she has been known for her porcelain skin that is absolutely flawless and smooth.

Even in closeups she remains winning.

However, fans began to notice that in photos where Irene has little to no makeup on, a mole right in the middle of her cheek can be seen.

This is especially obvious under flash photography due to her pale skin that makes the mole stand out more in contrast.

Of course, she’s beautiful with or without it, but it seems that SM Entertainment had thought otherwise. In every era leading up to now, it has always been concealed carefully.

Even during their rookie days with “Be Natural”, Irene’s mole was kept under wraps.

Recently however, it has been given a chance to shine as SM Entertainment begins to embrace a more edgy look for her.

The mole has been said to even be emphasized and made darker, in her most recent appearances for “Monster”, a duet released with Seulgi.

Perhaps it is as it makes her look even more suitable for the concept that plays around with both a vintage European vibe as well as a modern femme fatale one.

It is especially obvious in the music video for “Monster”.

Regardless, it seems that fans are loving the visual queen with or without the mole. Pretty people, are indeed so, whatever they do.

To enjoy more of her stunning visuals, as well as Seulgi’s chic beauty, check out I&S‘s music video for “Monster” here.

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