These 10+ Photos Prove Why Netizens Are Marvelling Over The Boyz Juyeon’s Visuals And Charisma


There’s an idol creating a stir among netizens lately, and it’s none other than The Boyz‘s main dancer and visual Juyeon!

On an online community, netizens have been talking more and more about Juyeon and his visuals, charisma and skills, and many fans believe that he’s been gaining more and more fans with his adorable and charming personality!



Check out more GIFs and pictures of him below!







Netizens had nothing but words of praise for Juyeon!

Wow, he has such a pale face, he looks like Joo Jihoon, so handsome

So true…..As an idol fan, there’s re so many of my relatives joining The Boyz lately


Handsome…He has the Joo Jihoon vibes


As a grandma fangirl, he reminds me of 2PM’s Chansung… Anyways he’s an eye-pleaser…

The Boyz recently participated in the survival show Road To Kingdom, and placed first, qualifying them for the main boy group survival show, Kingdom. They released a new song for their appearance on Road To Kingdom, titled “Checkmate”.

Watch the performance here!

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