This Song By TEEN TOP Has Been Voted As The Most Embarrassing To Listen To In Public – Niel Responds


On an episode of MMTG, MC Jae Jae discussed with a panel of both idols, choreographers and producers about the song that they wouldn’t be able to listen to in public with their head held high. The panel consisted of herself, LOONA‘s Yves and Chu, former MBLAQ‘s Thunder, choreographer Bae Yoon Jung and producer Ryan Jhun.

TEEN TOP’s promotional photo for “No More Perfume On You”.

As TEEN TOP‘s “No More Perfume On You” was brought up for contending against Girl’s Day‘s “Female President”, the panel agreed that the lyrics to the former were absolutely trashy. The reactions of Chu and Bae Yoon Jung absolutely sends.

Even the general public agrees, with the highest voted comments on the official music video criticizing the persona in the lyrics for condoning cheating in a relationship.

On a later episode, Jae Jae got a chance to interview the main vocal from TEEN TOP himself, Niel. Of course, he had to defend himself! He questioned why it was a song why people had to listen to in secret.

However, when Jae Jae proposed a tournament for him to pick his most embarrassing song, he started to worry and waver. Niel was given the scenario of a friend’s friend that he just met the previous day, calling him on his phone and that song would be the caller ring. Faced with such a dilemma, he began to think hard.

He finally picked the song “No More Perfume On You”, proving the song’s embarrassing quality. He reasoned that when people hear the song, they would be hooked on the word “glitter”, and would focus on the lyrics subsequently, realizing what trash the lyrics were actually!

His reaction was uploaded on an online community site and the reactions were praising him for his cute response, while complimenting the song’s addictive nature!

“No More Perfume On You” was released almost a decade ago, in 2011. The song’s melody is infinitely addictive, however, the lyrics are rather debatable. A fun fact is that both the lyrics and song were written by BTS‘s producer, Bang Si Hyuk! Check out the bop for yourself here.


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