TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals 15 Secrets Of Her Personality, From Her Past Mood Swings To Who She Envies


This week, TWICE’s Jeongyeon took the MBTI personality test for TWICE TV. In the process of finding out her result—ISFJ, the “Defender” type—she revealed tons of personality secrets that even her biggest fans didn’t know. From her rookie mood swings to the unusual subject of her envy, here are 15 things you never knew about the real Jeongyeon.

1. She’s scared of new things

While some people love diving into new adventures, Jeongyeon says she’s not the type to try new things. It takes her a while to get used to them, and she’s scared of meeting new people.

2. Her mood swings have improved

Back when Jeongyeon was a rookie, she reveals that her mood swings were severe. These days, however, her mood is stable.

3. She dislikes attention

As a celebrity, Jeongyeon acknowledges that she likes and wants attention from her fans. But in her every day life, she says she hates standing out and doesn’t care about the spotlight at all.

4. Other people’s feelings are very important to her

Jeongyeon says she’d never upset a person she’s arguing with just to win the argument. Other people’s feelings are always more important than emerging victorious.

5. She needs to have a cause

People with Jeongyeon’s personality type can’t let a worthy cause go unfinished. She agrees that her altruism makes her want to make the world a better place.

6. She doesn’t like socializing much

Jeongyeon says she doesn’t really meet up with people. Instead, she prefers reading poetry and watching dramas.

7. She loves finding out the truth of art

When Jeongyeon reads poetry, she only selects poems that have personal analyses. She likes to check out the different ideas behind a piece she’s interested in.

8. She envies… her dog?

While many people envy beautiful and talented like Jeongyeon, Jeongyeon envies someone very different—her dog, a Jindo named Yeontan. Of course, given how Jeonyeon gets pampered, who wouldn’t want to live that life?

9. She worries about making mistakes

If someone doesn’t reply to a message Jeongyeon sends, she finds herself re-checking it out of worry that she made a mistake.

10. Her thoughts are down to Earth

Jeongyeon reveals that Momo and Sana spend a lot of time thinking about interesting things, such as the existence of man. But while Jeongyeon is happy to give her opinion when the discussions come up, she doesn’t spend time imagining crazy scenarios on her own.

11. She’s always acts on her curiosity

Jeongyeon says she has a naturally curious personality. When she takes an interest in something, she just can’t hold back from trying it out.

12. She’s fiercely protective

When Jeongyeon read out her MBTI descriptions, she agreed that she “can be merciless when it comes to protecting [her] family or friends” despite her compassion and sympathy towards others.

13. She hates disorganization—even other people’s disorganization

Like many people, Jeongyeon tries to answer her emails as quickly as possible because she hates having a disorganized inbox. However, Jeongyeon takes it one step further. She doesn’t even like her mother being disorganized, so much so that she checks her mom’s entire inbox too.

14. She’s a neat freak

Going hand-in-hand with her meticulous digital organization, Jeongyeon keeps her physical space tidy too. She’s a self-proclaimed “cleaning expert”.

15. She plans meticulously

Jeongyeon’s love of staying organized extends to her plans too. She says that if she doesn’t make detailed travel plans, she never actually goes on said trip. Even when she’s shopping, she likes to make a list and stick to it.

Watch Jeongyeon’s full MBTI test here:

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