TXT Knows Which Member Would Die First In A Zombie Takeover


From shows like The Walking Dead to video games like Resident Evil, zombies are a major part of popular culture. As such, individuals love to think about who would be able to survive a sudden zombie takeover.

While BTS‘s RM already has one of his members in mind for who would bite the dust first, all of TXT are certain about who would be that person in their group.

During the group’s visit to Arirang, they treated fans to some little-known facts about themselves. Being inspired by Taehyun‘s dream, Hueningkai asked them, “Did you never dream about zombies?”

Yeonjun didn’t leave him hanging like everyone else did, “I’ve had zombie dreams.” Hearing his agreement, Hueningkai began to describe his dream, “I dreamt of zombies once…”

The zombies came for him when he’d least expected it: his school. Hueningkai didn’t let them get the jump on him, though. “There were zombies at my school. And, in a really cool manner, I said, ‘No! Don’t bite me!’”

His attempt to be heroic didn’t pan out as he’d hoped. Agreeing with Yeonjun’s guess about what happened next, he revealed, “And, then I was the first to die.” They were all amused by the turn of events.

That wasn’t the end of the road for Hueningkai. As an angel, he witnessed the zombie takeover continue. “The funny thing was, I didn’t wake up after I died. I was looking down from the heavens, thinking, ‘My friends are probably doing well, right?’ After I died, I looked down from the heavens.”

Taking that dream into consideration and how hard they laughed, TXT knows their adorable maknae would be the first victim in a real zombie attack. On the flip side, it could serve as a lesson on what he shouldn’t do. Laugh at Hueningkai’s story here.

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