TXT Reveal Their First Impressions Of Each Other


On top of making history with their Teen Vogue cover, TXT sat down with the magazine to share some of their other first times. Since they’ve known each other long before they debuted, they recalled their thoughts of each other when they first met. Here are the feelings they had.

1. Hueningkai

When it came to their maknae, there was one person who would be the perfect person to spill the tea: Soobin. With his arm wrapped around Hueningkai‘s shoulders, he confidently stated, “Hueningkai was so cute.”

Because it’s been years since then, Hueningkai wanted to see if Soobin still thought that of him. Still looking at Soobin, he asked, “How about now?”

Although it took him a minute, most likely having recent flashbacks of when Hueningkai became too clingy, Soobin still thought the same. He made Hueningkai shout with joy by saying, “Ugh…cute.”

2. Soobin

Yeonjun‘s thoughts about Soobin were what anyone would think when catching a glimpse of him. His visuals were just as handsome as they are now, “My first impression of Soobin was that he’s really good-looking.”

There was something particular about Soobin’s visuals that really appealed to Yeonjun, though.

Rather than merely looking handsome, Yeonjun liked that Soobin’s visuals were a breath of fresh air. He explained, “What I liked about him was that he had a really refreshing look.”

3. Yeonjun

After Beomgyu and Hueningkai exposed Yeonjun’s tradition when they were new trainees, it makes sense why the latter had a good impression of him.

Upon seeing Yeonjun take the top spot for monthly rankings, Beomgyu thought he couldn’t be beaten, “My first impression of Yeonjun was that he was perfect at everything.”

In addition to being so talented, Beomgyu was taken aback by how handsome he was, “He’s good at everything, and he’s good-looking as well.” Yeonjun was happy to hear the compliments, “You’re totally right.”

4. Beomgyu

Like the Teddy Bear that fans love to call Beomgyu, Taehyun thought the same when they first met. He was completely laidback and reserved, “At first, Beomgyu was very calm and quiet.”

Not missing the chance to joke around while also dropping some info, Taehyun pointed out that was far from how he acts now.

Making Hueningkai burst into laughter and Beomgyu smile at what was coming, Taehyun implied he was now a wildcard, “But, right now…”

5. Taehyun

Similar to their impressions of Soobin and Yeonjun, Hueningkai couldn’t miss what made Taehyun’s visuals so unique. He was drawn in by the size of his eyes.

They were proportionate to his face in a way that made them stand out, “For Taehyun, I was so fascinated by him because he had such big eyes, even though his face was so small.”

There was another thing that came to Hueningkai’s mind when he saw his maknae-line friend for the first time. He reminded him of a cute animal, “I’ve said this before, but he reminds me of a meerkat.”

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