TXT’s Beomgyu And Hueningkai Expose Yeonjun’s Funny Tradition For New Trainees


Nicknamed Big Hit Entertainment‘s “Legendary Trainee,” TXT‘s Yeonjun earned the title from how well he succeeded in his long years of training. As the member who trained the longest, he started a tradition when the rest of them joined as new trainees.

Beomgyu and Hueningkai couldn’t wait to expose how funny it was and how confident Yeonjun was in his trainee skills.

When thinking which member fit the nickname of “All-Rounder” best, Hueningkai thought of Yeonjun. Since he couldn’t see the nickname for himself, Hueningkai gave him a hint, “It’s associated with an anecdote when he was a trainee.”

Although Yeonjun was confused, Beomgyu placed a hand on his shoulder, “You know your specialty.” Hueingkai burst into laugher.

Because Yeonjun couldn’t yet figure it out, Beomgyu was more than prepared to talk about it. When a new trainee joined, they had to pay special attention to their rankings for the month. He explained, “We have a tradition. Whenever a new trainee comes, they see our monthly performance.”

That’s when Yeonjun would use the opportunity to show off all his hard work. He’d point at the ranking and questioned them on who was in the top spot, “When they come, he calls them to see it and asks, ‘Who’s in first place? It’s Choi Yeonjun.’”

He didn’t only focus on one category. Yeonjun pointed to each one, reading his name off. Making everyone laugh, even the hosts, Beomgyu finished, “First place in singing? Choi Yeonjun. Who’s in first place? Choi Yeonjun. That’s me.” Hearing the memory had Yeonjun laughing as well.

To prove Beomgyu hadn’t been exaggerating, Hueningkai mentioned his own experience of the tradition. On the very first day that he became a trainee, he was already on Yeonjun’s radar. “On my first day as a trainee, Yeonjun came to me…”

Precisely as Beomgyu had said, Hueningkai recalled how Yeonjun “asked who’s in first place. I answered, ‘It’s Choi Yeonjun.’” Even though a confident move like that could be a little overwhelming to someone so new, Hueningkai wasn’t phased by it.

The fact that he was so talented to rank high across all the categories was impressive to him, especially since Hueningkai was only getting started. “I thought he was cool. Since I just became a trainee, I thought he was an amazing guy.”

Since the experiences of new trainees can vary by company, it’s good to know that Beomgyu and Hueningkai can laugh at theirs thanks to the confident Yeonjun.

Watch Beomgyu and Hueningkai expose Yeonjun’s funny way of showing off his talents here.

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