University Cleverly Uses BTS’s Jungkook And TWICE’s Tzuyu To Promote Social Distancing


During a time where it’s essential to slow the spread of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, specifically coronavirus, it’s critical to bring attention to safety procedures. Both BTS and TWICE have lent their hands in supporting the fight against it, from calling awareness to it alongside much-needed donations.

Thanks to a Malaysian university, they included Jungkook and Tzuyu in a creative way to promote social distancing among their students.

With education being a valuable tool, universities around the world have chosen to either hold classes online or take precautions for students to continue attending in-person. Among those doing the latter, Sunway University has come up with a clever way for students to enjoy following the safety of social distancing.

Through their Instagram account, they uploaded a photo of a classroom. Rather than it being packed with students, they placed big standees of influential celebrities such as Serena Williams, Hello KittyMalala Yousafzai, Will Smith, and Ed Sheeran in the seats six-feet apart. There were also two K-Pop idols fans couldn’t help but notice.

In the very first row, on the lower left, they’d made a standee of Tzuyu. They even placed a second standee in another area of the university. In this one, they noted the detail of TWICE’s official lightstick peeping from behind her right shoulder. They gave Jungkook the same treatment.

While Jungkook was in the third row, right in the center of the classroom photo, his standee was also spotted in another area of the university. They couldn’t forget BTS’s official lightstick peeping from behind his left shoulder.

The university deemed the standees the campus’s “Social Distancing Companions” to keep students company while reminding them to follow safety measures. While Tzuyu and Jungkook probably didn’t think their photos would be used this way, they definitely would get behind the cause.

Check out Sunway University’s Instagram to get a closer look for yourself, along with the positive reactions to the smart idea.

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