VERIVERY Make A Thundering Impact With Their 4th Mini Album “FACE YOU”


VERIVERY stirs up a storm with their electrifying music in their latest album FACE YOU!

VERIVERY is here to turn up the excitement with their soul stirring sounds on their latest album, FACE YOU. The septet stun with their sweet toned vocals on each of the tracks. 


The 4th mini-album is a continuum of their previous album FACE ME. With this album VERIVERY aim to showcase the message of “healing through the connection between you and me”. 

This message is evident within this album as the group reveals a more mature and versatile side to them. Whats more? In this album, fans will be able to see a different side of the group as each of the tracks on the album cater to every mood.

FACE YOU Comeback Timeline

After impressing with their stint on Road To Kingdom, VERIVERY gave fans an exciting news after they announced their fourth mini album FACE YOU on June 18 on their official SNS.

Further, from June 19 to June 21, VERIVERY unveiled the concept photos. Through the pictures, the group exuded a mature and charismatic demeanor. They evoked a mystifying vibe while maintaining the overall monochromatic aesthetic of the album.

On June 22, the group revealed their album’s cover images as well as a thrilling track list for the same.

The album includes 6 tracks in total.  Besides the title track, “Thunder,” the other songs include, “Beautiful-x”, which they performed for Mnet’s Road To Kingdom finale. The other tracks on the album are “Connect,” “SKYDIVE,” “사생활,” and “Thank you, NEXT?”, which is available on CD only.

The image that was released for the track list evokes a sense of mystery in all its monochromatic glory, with a blueprint showing numbered dots connected to each other.


VERIVERY built up the anticipation around their comeback album. They teased fans with stirring individual character teasers of their title track “Thunder,” from June 23 to June 25. 

The teasers showcased each of the members’ (Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung and Kangmin) power packed personas in the most fierce way!

Furthermore, the group released an aesthetic highlight medley. The melodic video gave a harmonious introduction to the album. The exciting clip was one that surely piqued fans’ curiosities as well!

VERIVERY made fans very very happy as the septet gave them a sneak peek into the concept of FACE YOU. The group unveiled a candid behind the scenes video for the same.

And finally, before the release of the album, VERIVERY unleashed the storm . They blazed like lightning in an intriguing teaser for their title track, “Thunder.”

FACE YOU First Impressions

The title track “Thunder,” is the first song on the album and it makes a power packed statement. The song stays true to its name. It is composed of heavy trap beats, synths and 808 bass sounds. The composition of the song mimics a thunder like effect. The members sound absolutely phenomenal on this track. They showcase their musical prowess in a refined way. 

Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung and Kangmin’s dynamism is undeniable with how beautifully they sync their vocals together. However, Yeonho with his falsetto high note and Kangmin with his breathy tone towards the end really stand out the most on this track.

Continuing the momentum of “Thunder,” the next track on the album, “Connect,” falls in the hip-hop genre and is composed of synths and prominent trap beats. The members exude an intense energy on this track that talks about reaching out and connecting to the one you love.

It also has a deeper context of connecting one’s own real self as the lyrics suggest, “Now dont wander alone in this crazy world, I want to take care of you, who are tired/ We’re already together, we’re connected seamlessly/When you’re suffocating, call me in your heart/I’ll be listening to you”.

Get ready to fly with VERIVERY as they serenade listeners with their serene number, “SKYDIVE”. The moment Minchan’s breathy tones open the track, there is a certain warmth that surges within the ambiance of the track. Dongheon and Yeonho captivate with their high notes and spellbinding falsettos on this one.

The melody is bright in comparison to the previous two tracks. Moreover, Gyehyeon stuns with his soft vocals during the chorus which make for a refreshing listening experience. The dreamy ambiance of the track is furthered when Hoyoung and Yeonho harmonize their vocals as well as with the captivating musical back and forth by Kangmin and Yongseung. “SKYDIVE,” is definitely one of the coolest tracks on the album.

VERIVERY struck gold with their electro funk track from their Road To Kingdom act.  “Beautiful-x,” has an upbeat energy that makes it a solid dance track. The chorus is especially catchy, that contains some great layered vocal moments.

The trap beats during the brief moments of the rap verses, give this song an added edge. The catchy lyrics and compelling vocals are enough to make this track a constant in everyone’s playlists!

“사생활 (literal translation: Privacy),” is a more laid back and mellow number that is majorly composed of synths and features guitar tones. If we had to describe this song in a word, it would be: smooth.

VERRER are sure to get lost in the mellifluous voices of the members on this one. “사생활,” is the perfect track to close the album with as it showcases the charms and the vocals of the group prominently and flawlessly.  

“Thunder” MV Afterthoughts

It would be an understatement to say that VERIVERY stun like lightening because they don’t just shine, they blaze through this music video. While the title song describes a process of confrontation and the hesitation and anxiety that come along with it and how eventually people  overcome it like a “Thunder”.

The video is very cinematic as it opens with a still of Kangmin’s missing posters while the six members on their bicycles stop to look at the posters. The scene then shifts to Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho and Yongseung trying to track their friend down. They sit in a room full of blueprints and maps as they discuss Kangmin’s disappearance. 

Kangmin walks around in a seemingly dazed and possessed state. Meanwhile, his friends set out to find him. When the group finally comes face to face with Kangmin, they see him collapse after which he and the abandoned warehouse where he is found, get struck by lightening. 

The video ends abruptly with the group running towards Kangmin to try to save him. All in all, the music video certainly reflects the power of the track as it is sure to dazzle viewers with its STRANGER THINGS-esque cinematography. 

Image & Video Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

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