“Was It Love?” Cast Shares Excitement For Their Characters Ahead Of Premiere


JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Was It Love?” held a press conference on July 8 ahead of the drama’s premiere. The event was attended by PD (producing director) Kim Do Hyung, and cast members Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung, Kim Min Joon, and Dasom.

The PD described “Was It Love?” as a happy and fun drama as he said, “We plan to show various types of love through our drama. It will be a story everyone can relate to as people in love right now and people who have loved in the past. Through that connection, we hope to share joy and happiness that gives viewers strength to live out their lives.”

Song Ji Hyo will take on the role of movie producer Noh Ae Jung, and she said, “Noh Ah Jung is knowledgeable in everything except love. She only realizes the four men are in love with her after they confess their feelings.” When asked what she believes drew all four men to her character, Song Ji Hyo replied, “I think it’s because she works hard, no matter what she is doing.” She also shared her experience playing a mother with a daughter in middle school as she said, “This is the first time I’m trying out a role like this. Because she gave birth at such a young age, she sees things on the same level as her daughter in a lot of things, so she tries to be a mom her daughter can chat and play with, like a friend.”

Son Ho Jun takes on the role of best-selling author Oh Dae Oh and said, “I hope to show a confident and honest character. He is very honest about his emotions. Some may think that’s a bad thing, but it’s seen as rather charming in this drama.” He added, “When it comes to Noh Ae Jung, Oh Dae Oh doesn’t think of how he contributed to their breakup, but rather believes that she is the one who left him. So in his work, you can feel a sense of a victim mentality from him. There’s quite a different between what Oh Dae Oh is like in real life and how he is portrayed through his work.”

Song Jong Ho is playing top star Ryu Jin and said, “My character lives in a completely different world from me, and he’s trying to make a love that he missed in college come true. Although he may appear flashy on the outside, he’s very pure on the inside. I think that’s one of his charms.”

Kim Min Joon plays Goo Pa Do, the father of the best friend of Noh Ae Jung’s daughter, and he said, “I had quite a long hiatus, so I was so happy to get a call from the PD. It’s a great character I thought was great for someone my age.” When asked what he put a lot of effort into, Kim Min Joon said, “I show a bit of skin in the drama. So I got a full-body tan and exercised. I also tried to bring out Goo Pa Do’s internal emotions and strength to life.”

Koo Ja Sung takes on the role of teacher Oh Yeon Woo, and he said, “Oh Yeon Woo is a hardworking, kind person who is like a sunflower to the person who stole his heart 14 years ago. I hope viewers will watch over him as he tries to become a part of Noh Ae Jung’s life.” He added, “He’s younger than Noh Ae Jung and he’s the type of person who tries to not be too pushy, and just stays by her side and prepares what she needs even before she knows she needs it.”

Dasom will be playing the role of popular actress Joo Ah Rin and said, “She’s a character who is like the first love of many people, but she has her own first love she wants to protect. I think it will be fun to watch how she has many layers.” Dasom added, “Although she might be a little annoying, Joo Ah Rin is someone you can’t help but love. Please anticipate it.”

“Was It Love?” is set to premiere on July 8 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the highlight reel for the drama here!

Watch Song Ji Hyo in her previous drama “Lovely Horribly” below:

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