Watch: “Master In The House” Cast Is Hilariously Scared By Zombie Actors + Receives Zombie Acting Lessons


The cast of SBS’s “Master in the House” tried their hand at acting as zombies!

On the July 12 episode of the variety show, cast members Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyung, Kim Dong Hyun, Shin Sung Rok, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo watched their new master Lee Jung Hyun’s music video for “V” while waiting for her.

As they were commenting on the quality of the video, which was directed by award-winning director Park Chan Wook, they slowly began to get scared by the clip. Suddenly, the lights went out, and a pack of zombie actors came running out at the cast, making them fall out of their seats.

Once the zombies had left and the cast had calmed down, the episode’s master Lee Jung Hyun began a performance of her hit debut song “Come (Wa).” Yang Se Hyung commented, “This reminds me of when I would hang out at the no-alcohol nightclub.” Although the song was released in 1999, Cha Eun Woo proved it to be a timeless classic by sharing, “This was released when I was 3 years old [by Korean reckoning], but even I know the pinky mic.”

After her performance, the cast met up with the zombie actors from the opening to receive a quick lesson. They watched as one of the actors pulled himself off the ground without using his hands, and they all suggested Cha Eun Woo try it out. Although he put on an impressive performance, he adorably commented afterwards, “You have to stretch before you try this.”

Shin Sung Rok tried next, making the cast laugh as he wiggled around on the floor. However, he later impressively picked himself up from the ground, perfectly portraying the spooky essence of zombie acting.

Watch the full episode of “Master in the House” below!

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