Where Are GLAM’s Members Now?


GLAM was 5-member girl group under Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music that debuted in July 2012 with the single “Party(XXO)”. A number of controversies led to the group’s disbandment three years later, and the former members have now moved on to new things. Here’s what they’re up to in 2020.

1. Jiyeon (Park Jiyeon)

Jiyeon, now known by the stage name Haee, was GLAM’s leader, lead rapper, and vocalist.

After leaving GLAM, she made her solo debut in 2017 with the song “B-Day (feat. Kisum)”. While signed to KQ Produce, Haee also appeared in Episode 3 of the K-Pop survival show MIXNINE under her birth name, Park Ji-yeon.

Fast forward to 2020. Haee is now with a new agency, DCTOM Entertainment. She made her comeback with the song “Subway”.

On July 10, Advanced will release a new song, “Don’t Let Me Go”, featuring Haee and RYS. Check out the preview here:

2. Zinni (Kim Jinhee)

Zinni was GLAM’s main rapper and main dancer, known for her break dancing skills.

After leaving GLAM, she began using her athletic talents in the world of sports by becoming a prize-winning longboard skater under the name Jiny Kim.

Here she is, accepting a first-place prize.

Like several other former GLAM members, she stays active on Instagram by posting selfies and skating clips.

She also has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to her passion for street skating.

3. Dahee (Kim Dahee)

Dahee was a vocalist in GLAM, and one of the two members involved in the scandals that led to their disbandment. In 2014, actor Lee Byung Hun went to the police with the accusation that he was being blackmailed and extorted by two women, one of which was Dahee.

She was sentenced to one year in prison.

After serving her time, Dahee went on to become a model…

…and an AfreecaTV VJ, earning a monthly salary of close to $200,000 USD.

Although she is no longer an idol, Dahee still has a passion for music and entertainment. She uploads K-Pop vocal and dance covers to her Youtube channel.

4. Miso (Kim Miso)

Miso was GLAM’s lead vocalist and maknae.

It appears that Miso has left the K-Pop industry, and possibly the entertainment industry as a whole. After GLAM’s disbandment, Miso stayed active as a YouTuber on her GooTube channel, up until three years ago.

Her most recent video was posted in May 2017.

5. Trinity (Yoon Soojin)

Trinity was a vocalist in GLAM, and the second member who became controversial. She abruptly left the group in 2012 for personal reasons, according to Source Music. She was, however, rumored to be a sasaeng of Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, and is said to have harassed him prior to her GLAM debut.

Information about Trinity’s 2020 whereabouts is scarce and conflicting. Several Instagram models and at least one actress have been mistaken for Trinity by fans.

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