Zico Amuses Amidst An Apocalypse In His Quirky “Cartoon” Music Video


Fans surely wont be able to take their eyes off Zico’s latest music video for his fun and flirty number “Cartoon”!

Zico dazzles in a new look in a delightful new music video of his track, “Cartoon”. The track is just as its name suggests, amusing and happy-go-lucky in its approach. Its video is a true representation of the album’s title, RANDOM BOX.  All the settings around Zico are random, such as the singer-rapper crossing the street with a stray deer and dancing jelly figures to name a few.

The music video takes place in a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Zico is one of the survivors who ventures out of his shelter as he enters a world full of collapsed and empty buildings through an elevator that rises from the ground.

The outdoors look dystopian albeit not intimidating. Wild animals and the aforementioned dancing jelly figures loom all over the place and can only be seen through the aid of special thermal glasses.

However, there’s a twist in Zico’s zany tale when he spots a young and beautiful female survivor. And amidst the eccentric turn of events, the singer falls in love with her at first sight.

Further into the video, the rapper tries to find more about the girl in the cutest ways. Moreover, the actress playing his love interest is none other than Park Joo Hyun from the series Extracurricular.


The song expresses Zico’s feelings of not being able to to take his mind off a special someone. He sings animatedly, “Who are you? I can’t take my eyes off you/ There is non sense of reality, when I look at you I feel shocked/ This scene is like a cartoon movie/Like Neo-Tube million views in seconds/ The circular eyes have vortexes in them swirling around/ This scene is like a cartoon movie.”

Fresh guitar riffs and a funky bass-line merged with organ and woodwind sounds make for a very snappy rhythm. Overall, the track is one that can be described as a euphoric earworm that listeners cant get enough of!

Source: KOZ Entertainment

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