Park Jin Young Gives His Honest Reaction To Sunmi’s New Music Video And It’s Too Cute


Singer Sunmi released her new track “pporappippam” (purple-hue night) on June 29 which was written by both Sunmi and Frants (composer). The song uses dance and city pop sounds with the addition of guitar riffs to give off a beat that can cool you down on a hot summer day.

During the press conference on June 29, she revealed that this felt like her first true love song, with most of her previous songs being about the ridicule of love.

She also added that although she had a different song in mind, she decided to make this song to give a bit of relief to her fans from the events happening around the world.

A day after the release of the music video, she posted a video to her YouTube channel of Park Jin Young reacting to her music video. Although Sunmi has left JYP, she still remains a good relationship with Park. Fans were happy to see that she still wanted to hear his opinion on her song and showed that she still respected him as a mentor and friend.

He begins by rating her makeup to be A+ in the video.

He watches with an open mind and lets Sunmi know his favorite parts.

He is even a bit shocked at some scenes as he sees a different side to her.

He doesn’t save his compliments and lets her know that this was the prettiest music video she has done thus far.

He adds that it is the prettiest but in a different way.

It was a video that left him with only her in his mind.

He ends the reaction by recommending this video to everyone with confidence!

To see more of this fun reaction, watch the full video below!

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