SF9 Unveils Intriguingly Dark “Summer Breeze” Music Video Teaser


Wait, what are golden snakes and guns doing in this thrilling music video teaser from SF9?

SF9 unveiled a very intriguing sneak peek to their music video for “Summer Breeze” on June 30!


The boy group knocked fans off their feet as they shared a very unexpected concept for their comeback music video prior to its nearing release this July 6 at 6 PM KST as the title track of the mini-album 9loryUS.

Beginning with a golden snake, the teaser clip showed some of the members sitting together like friends while pulling out guns and pointing it towards each other underneath the table. As a snippet of the song’s melody began playing in the background, Jaeyoon and Rowoon were then shown casually entering from a classy door while dressed in sophisticated tuxedos for another scene.

Zuho and Inseong were then shown sitting together, followed by a close-up shot of Dawon glaring dangerously at the camera. Jaeyoon then brought out a gun and carefully analyzed it, and this scene was followed by the other members appearing with equally intimidating gazes.

Hwiyoung was also shown holding up a bouquet of flowers, which contrasted to the scene of Chani and Zuho smirking while pointing their guns towards each other. At the end of the video, the two turned against each other and fired the gun without hesitation, which made the curiosity of fans rise.

The music video’s dark teaser also further gathered excitement from fans as it gave a very opposite atmosphere to the song’s seemingly light and soft title “Summer Breeze”.

Headlining the group’s eighth mini-album 9loryUS, “Summer Breeze” is a song in the house genre and is promised to go well with the mood of summer.

Video from FNC Entertainment

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